Last Call: Vote In My E+ Poll & Comment For AA Bix Extra Referral of 1,000 Points

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A few days back I published a couple of posts which call for reader interaction. One is a poll, while the other is a way to possibly get 1,000 American Airlines Biz Extra points.

Today is the last day to take part in each of these options. Both will end on February 18 at 11:59 PM.

Here is a recap:

1- I opened up a poll to get the opinion of readers. I’m looking to find out how you guys feel about upgrading to Economy Plus. I personally wouldn’t pay for the upgrade but can see how it could be worth the $$$ for taller folks.

So far one of the answers has 50% of the votes. Check out the post and cast your vote in my poll: Is It Worth Upgrading To Economy Plus.

2- American Airlines sent me an e-mail with a chance to earn up to 5,000 AA Business Extra points. To earn the points, I need to send out a referral to 5 friends. For each friend that signs up, I will get 1,000 bonus points and so will they. It’s a win-win for both of us!

I’ve had a good amount of interest in this post and a bunch of readers have offered up their referrals too. If you aren’t already a member of AA Business Extra, leave a comment in my post 5 AA Biz Extra 1,000 Point Referral Bonuses for a chance to get selected.

Thanks for taking part!

Results from the poll and referral giveaway will be announced soon after the closing date.

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