The Naked Sledding World Championship

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On New Years Day in 2012 I went for A Swim With the Coney Island Polar Bears in Brooklyn, NY. I had a great time but I’m not so sure that I’d do it again in the future,  but then again you never know.

I came across an even crazier and possibly colder event through an article on ABC News Travel.

The Naked Sledding World Championships will take place on February 15, 2014 in the tiny mountain town of Braunlage, Germany.

15 countries will be represented by 30 athletes (men & women) and the only things they’ll wear are a helmet, shoes and pants or shorts.

In ABC’s article they mentioned how the website ChilliSauce was taking applications to recruit a team for Britain.

I headed on over to the site to check out what the application was like for Brits interested in nakedly representing their country.

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Here are the questions:

  • Please list five funny or interesting facts that demonstrate why you would make a great naked sled racer?
  • Do you have any hidden talents that may help you win the race or party tricks that will make you stand out at the after party?
  • What was the last competition you competed in and what place did you come?
  • How would you describe your level of fitness? (multiple choice answers)

They also ask for potential winners to Upload three awesome photos of yourself.

The application closes on January 27.

Check out the ABC News article HERE.

Find out more about the Naked Sledding Competition from ChilliSauce HERE.

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