JetBlue’s Amazing Holiday Video: #FlyItForward

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This year, the airlines have been extremely creative with their holiday videos, doing a great job of spreading the message of joy and giving.

The first video that I saw was Delta’s Awesome Happy Holidays Video. Next up was the truly amazing WestJet Christmas Miracle video which you can see along with a video by American Airlines Spreading the Holiday Cheer. Check out both of these videos HERE.

I didn’t expect to come across any other videos this close to the holiday until I received an e-mail from JetBlue.

The subject was: JetBlue Encourages Customers To #FlyItForward This Holiday Season!

I was immediately interested in checking out this video once I read the title. I have to say that I definitely wasn’t disappointed. The video is quite different from the other three. It doesn’t appear to be overly produced or edited but the story and people’s reactions seem to certainly be authentic.

The video was posted to Vimeo and the synopsis is: We decided to lift up a few spirits this holiday season by helping some unsuspecting people get home to their loved ones. Come along for the ride. #FlyItForward

It starts off with us seeing a computer screen search page looking up Craigs List. On Craigs List, they go to New York City and the rideshare tab. I don’t want to spoil the rest of the video so why don’t you check it out for yourself.

So what did you think of JetBlue’s #FlyItForward video? I was really impressed by the creative and funny video that JetBlue produced. I’ve heard in the past that you could find deals on Craigs List but never did I think it could lead to a free flight!

I’ll leave you now with JetBlue’s last message in the video.

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