2,000+ Mice Airdropped Over U.S. Military Base

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Brown Tree Snake

I’ve heard of chemical warfare but never mouse warfare- until yesterday.

I saw an article posted to Yahoo News about a very interesting yet bizarre story.

2,000 dead mice were airdropped over a United States Air Force base in Guam with the hopes that they would poison and help stop the spread of brown tree snakes.

The mice were equipped with cardboard parachutes and pumped full of acetaminophen, the active ingredient in Tylenol.

The snakes are invasive, harming exotic, native birds as well as the power grid.

The mice were dropped from low flying helicopters. Due to the cardboard parachutes, the mice should get hung up in the forest canopy, giving the snakes a chance to eat the poisonous meal.

Find out more about Operation Dead-Mouse Drop HERE.

Check out a short video from Guampdn.com (where Yahoo got the info for this story) about the mouse drop.

Image above from Yahoo News story

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