Targeted: Club Carlson Visa Offer- 5 Bonus Points Per $ On Dining

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A couple of days ago I received a letter in the mail from US Bank with “A Special Offer For Our Very Best Cardmembers.

Following this first message was an image of the Club Carlson Business Card and my offer.

Earn 5 Bonus Points Per Dollar Spent On Dining Purchases Through December 31st

The offer is targeted and required me to register online at At the site I entered my promotion code & e-mail address and am now registered to earn bonus points when dining out.

I’ll now earn 5 extra points per dollar on dining purchases until December 31, 2013 if I pay with my Club Carlson business card. With the offer I can earn up to 5,000 bonus points.

I originally expected this letter to be junk mail with something like an offer to transfer a balance but it ended up being a pretty nice surprise. Don’t forget to read the mail that credit card companies send you since you never know what might be inside.

Have any of you received this offer or any other bonus offers in the mail from Club Carlson Visa? If so, what was it?

9 thoughts on “Targeted: Club Carlson Visa Offer- 5 Bonus Points Per $ On Dining

  1. has anybody gotten their points for this November 2013 promotion? I’m about to call up US Bank because I haven’t gotten my points. I spent $660 and only got 5 points/dollar.

  2. I just received this identical offer good for March and April. I won’t have $1000 worth of restaurant spending in a 2-month period, but I’ll take 10x points on restaurants any time!

  3. I got the letter today for an extra 2x points on gas through 12/21. Agree that it looked like junk mail, which I usually don’t even bother to open. Glad this one caught my eye. 🙂

  4. Kalboz- Sounds like you got some solid offers.

    hdawg- I received the letter on Friday or Saturday. I’ve had this card for almost a year and this is the first offer I’ve received.

  5. I received the 2 additional Club Carlson bonus points/$ offer for gas through December 31st from US Bank.

    Barclays sent me an offer for addition 5 US miles per $ spent on for dining, gas and dept/toy stores spending up to $500 , also through December 31st.

    1. when did you receive the letter? I have been a card holder for a month or so now and was wondering if I would be receiving it in the mail anytime soon.

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