Cathay Pacific: Meet The Team

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 12.16.27 AMI came across a section on Cathay Pacific’s site called “Meet The Team”.

While checking out the section you’ll get to:

  1. Find out about the employees with staff stories
  2. See behind the scenes videos
  3. Ask the team a question.

The Staff Stories feature personal stories about people in various jobs around Cathay.  This section is broken down into four sections.

  • In the Cabin– flight attendants, flight pursers and inflight service managers
  • In the Cockpit– pilots- senior captains, senior training captains and first & second officers
  • At the Airport–  customer service officers, airport services officers & supervisors and passenger services officers
  • Behind the Scenes– customer relations, cargo sales, an aircraft mechanic and more

Behind the Scenes features videos about “A Day In the Life” of a flight attendant, airport staff, a pilot and engineer. There are also some commercials shared here.

Ask the Team A Question is a place to ask the staff questions about their jobs. I am guessing that the job of the staff answering questions changes weekly since I noticed that it said “From now till Sunday, our flight attendants welcome your questions.”.  I skimmed over the questions currently on the site and they varied from safety questions to personal opinion questions.

I haven’t really seen this kind of information featured on any other airline’s website. I think it’s pretty cool to get to better know the people who make the airline operate.

Have any of you seen this kind of information from other airlines?

Click HERE to check out Cathay Pacific’s Meet The Team section.

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