US News & World Report- 7 Tips For Traveling While Pregnant

I came across an article a couple of weeks back with some useful information about traveling while pregnant. There are a bunch of things that a pregnant women can do to be well-prepared during a trip.

Some might even say that it’s best not to fly when pregnant but that seems to be more so up to the individual. My opinion is that it’s probably better not to fly and over-exert yourself unless it’s totally necessary.

Here are the 7 tips:

  1. Time your trip well– it’s best to plan travel during weeks 20-30
  2. Choose a domestic destination– it can help you face less discomfort during the trip
  3. Bring a copy of pre-natal records– if you need medical treatment during a trip “your records will provide an essential starting point for the medical professonal.”
  4. Travel by car– it’s the best mode of transport since you’ll have more immediate access to medical care and can make frequent rest stops.
  5. Request a pat-down– it’s better to avoid the scanners at the airport
  6. Stay hydrated & bring healthy snacks– “an airplane’s recirculated cabin air certainly doesn’t leave you feeling hydrated. Add in your body’s pregnancy needs, and it’s likely you’ll quickly become parched at 30,000 feet.”
  7. Stretch it out– take an aisle seat on the plane- since you need to stay hydrated, it will mean more trips to the restroom. You’ll also have more room to stretch out & walk around to avoid blood clots.

What are your thoughts on women traveling/ flying while pregnant?

Find out more about each of the 7 tips listed above in the article HERE

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