NBC and Virgin Galactic Will Send Person To Space in New Reality Show

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I recently wrote about the upcoming season (which has since started) of one of my favorite television show’s, the travel-competition show the Amazing Race. I’ve long been a fan of another reality-competition show too, Survivor which was created by Mark Burnett.

A couple of days ago I came across news of another show being created by Mark Burnett where the prize will be a trip to space!

In the NBC show “Space Race” the winner will get to take a trip to space with Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic. (Check out a post about when I met Richard Branson here.)

No date has been set for when the show might air. I am guessing the show won’t be ready for 1-2 years since flights with Virgin Galactic haven’t even started yet.

Commercial flights on Virgin Galactic are supposed to begin next year.

Find out more about the Space Race from NBC & Virgin Galactic.

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