Check Out My Fireside Chat With Rene On Delta Points

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Back in August, Rene of Delta Points introduced a new, weekly series on Sundays called Fireside Chats. I think the series is a great idea and way for readers to get to know the writers behind all of the great BoardingArea blogs. Through these chats you might even find a few more blogs to add to your daily reading that you previously did not know much about.

For this week’s Fireside Chat with Rene, yours truelly will be featured on Delta Points. I had a great time chatting with Rene and found his questions to be a lot of fun to answer. I think by reading the interview you’ll get a much better idea of who I am and what my blog is all about.

Invalid request error occurred.I want to thank Rene for taking the time to interview me at the Fireside this week. I also want to thank him for all of the support and encouragement he has give me for quite some time now.

For those of you that did not know, Rene also gave me my first opportunity to write a post on BoardingArea. This past March I was asked to write a guest post for Delta Points about the great food options coming to Delta’s Terminal 4.

Check out my Fireside Chat With Rene on Delta Points HERE.

On that note, make sure to visit Delta Points every Sunday to see which BoardingArea blogger will be featured that week.

5 thoughts on “Check Out My Fireside Chat With Rene On Delta Points

  1. i grew up in bensonhurst, but now i live in bay ridge. i’m fairly new to this hobby and it’s very addicting! it’s great you’re from nyc and you’re writing from an nyc’ers perspective. where in brooklyn are you?

    i subscribed to your fb page so i can get updates that way. looking forward to reading your posts! thanks and keep up the great work! =)

  2. Thanks Sandy! I am glad that you enjoyed the chat and welcome to my blog!

    Ang- Hey! I used to have a button before moving over to BA with a follow by e-mail or something to that extent. I am looking into having it added again. Thanks for pointing out that it was lacking. Where in Brooklyn are you from?

  3. hi there! i got linked to your blog from your fireside chat! is there anywhere to sign up for email updates from you? i don’t see one?

    btw, i am from brooklyn too!!! and i have to agree, ppl from brooklyn are nice =)

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