Balkans Trip: Some Local Menu Items At McDonald’s In Serbia

IMG_4481At home, Kim and I rarely visit McDonald’s but when traveling sometimes it’s nice to eat something that reminds you of home. We also like to stop by for the free WiFi! However, the best part of visiting McDonald’s in a foreign country is to check out what locally-inspired menu items are offered.

During our current trip to the Balkans, I had to visit McDonald’s in Serbia. We had checked in advance and found out that McDonald’s didn’t have stores in the other countries we would be visiting.

In Serbia we saw quite a few McDonald’s and most of them were located in beautiful, old buildings. The one shown in the photo above was the first location to open in the country.

IMG_4421We found a few items on the menu that are not available in the U.S.:

  • Fried cheese balls
  • Waffle Fries

We gave each of these items a try and really liked one of the two items.

IMG_4426The Fried Cheese Balls looked really good and was the item we were most looking forward to trying. I would’ve liked to have known what kind of cheese was inside before ordering,  but nobody at this location spoke English. Regardless of this we still went ahead and ordered them.

IMG_4428We were really impressed when we tasted the cheese balls. The balls were crispy on the outside and firm to a bit softer on the inside. The cheese was really tasty and had a bit of a tangy flavor. They came  came with sour cream for dipping on the side. After trying one of the cheese balls by itself I then tried one with sour cream.  While I usually love sour cream, I found that it wasn’t necessary for the cheese balls. The sour cream didn’t enhance the flavor and probably drowned out some of the tasty cheese.

If these were sold in the US, I’d definitely order them.

IMG_4554I rarely order waffle fries in restaurants but had to give them a try at McDonald’s. I expected them to be no worse than regular fries but boy was I wrong. The waffle fries looked good but once I picked one up I was disappointed.

IMG_4556The fries were greasy and a bit mushy. I expected them to be crispy but this was not the case. As for the flavor itself, I found them to be OK but I’d much rather have regular fries if given a choice. If I see waffle fries on a McDonald’s menu in other countries around the world, I’m not sure that I would want to give them another try.

Well that’s all for our Serbian McDonald’s finds.

 If you’ve visited a McDonald’s around the world and tried some interesting items, please share what they were with a comment below!

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  1. Aloo Tikki (spiced potato patty) Veg Burger with special veg sauce available in India. Ooh so delicious! A must have on my visit’s to India.

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