Milwaukee Recap- Day 3

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The last day of our visit to Milwaukee was probably my favorite day of the trip. It didn’t seem as busy or tiring as the other two days but it ended with a 2+ hour flight delay before heading home. (Check out my posts about Day 1 and Day 2 by clicking on the links)

Here are some of the things we did:

  • Harley Davidson Museum
  • Lunch at AJ Bombers
  • Visited a new baseball stadium to see the Brewers play
  • Stopped by Gilles- Milwaukee’s oldest frozen custard stand
  • A 2+ hour flight delay gave Lucas some time to play (in the airport)
a group of motorcycles on display

We started our day with a visit to the Harley Davidson Museum. Although Kim and I are not motorcycle fans, we really enjoyed our visit. The museum is huge and has (I think) the most extensive collection of Harley’s in the world. The bikes on display were really impressive. I think they have Harley’s on display from just about every year they were produced. There is also a wall showing the different styles & designs on the gas tanks over the years as well as a wall of the evolution of the engines. I liked learning about how the company grew and how Harley Davidson motorcycles were vital to the war efforts as well as with police forces and businesses in many industries.

If you make a trip to Milwaukee, a visit to this museum should be at the top of your list.

a cheeseburger with bacon and cheese

The main reason I wanted to visit AJ Bombers was to see their peanut delivery system. They have a series of metal pipes going in different directions across the ceiling. If you or a waiter screams out peanuts, a bartender fills up a small, metal contraption that looks like a hot air balloon with peanuts. The contraption is then pushed across the room and when it hits the wall, peanuts fall out into a bowl.

I didn’t have high expectation after having mediocre burgers day 1 & 2 at supposedly great places. I went with a strange burger called “The Barrie” which has bacon, American cheese and natural chunky peanut butter. I’ve heard of burgers having peanut butter on them and was glad that I gave it a try. The burger was really good and like nothing I’ve ever had before. The peanut butter added an interesting flavor and texture. If you like burgers and peanut butter, I’d recommend it.

a group of people outside of a stadium

I was really impressed with Miller Park, homes of the Milwaukee Brewers. The park has wide open spaces in the concourse so while you walk around you can still get a glimpse of the field. Miller Park is one of the best stadiums that I’ve visited due to how fan-friendly it is. Although we didn’t eat at the game, there seemed to be excellent, local food at booths spread out on each level. The kids area was really impressive. It has a batting cage and other interactive games which drew a decent crowd. For the little kids like Lucas, there were areas to play and a huge baseball glove to climb into for a fun photo-op. I also loved seeing the sausage (mascot) race but it went way too fast!

a cup of ice cream

Since we loved the frozen custard we tried during the first two days, we figured finishing our trip by trying out Gilles Frozen Custard was a great plan. (It also happens to be just a few minutes from Miller Park.) The custard was excellent just like at the other places. The only problem was that the small that we ordered was a bit too… small! If you are near Miller Park, it’s worth a stop otherwise I’d go back to Leon’s or Kopp’s.

a child on a toy plane
When I got the call about our flight being delayed, we decided to stick to our plan and  head to the airport. We didn’t mind getting there a bit early to take our time and relax. I also remembered that there was a decent kiddie play room which looked perfect for Lucas. The room had the plane shown above and some other toys to play with. There are bead mazes hanging from the wall which Lucas really liked. The play area came in very handy and Lucas had a great time playing for a solid 40 minutes!Well that’s it for our trip to Milwaukee. Check back for individual posts about some of the things we did during our visit. If you’re looking for an American city to explore for a long weekend, I’d definitely recommend checking out Milwaukee. It doesn’t sound glamorous or exciting but there is plenty to do and see there and worthy of a visit.

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