A Great TV Find: Jimmy’s Diner- Brooklyn, NY

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While watching Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives on Food Network, I came across Jimmy’s Diner. It’s located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn which is not too far from where we live, so I was very interested in watching this segment.

I love visiting places that have been featured on food- related television shows. However, more often than not I’ve found restaurants featured on DDD to not live up to Guy Fieri’s rave reviews..

Regardless of this, after watching the segment about Jimmy’s I had to give it a try. The thing that stood out most were the amazing looking waffles, made to order.
I wanted to stop by a few weeks back but when we called ahead, we were told there was a very long wait to get in for brunch. The menu seemed more like a breakfast/ lunch menu so we decided to give Jimmy’s a try for dinner, hoping to miss the crowds. We called again about a week later and were told that the restaurant wasn’t busy, so we headed on over. 
a chicken and waffle with white sauce on a plate
Chicken & Waffles

When we got to Jimmy’s, we were greeted by the friendly staff. They were nice enough to bring over a toy penguin and book for Lucas to play with.

As Kim and I started to look over the menu we had a problem- what should we order? Too many things sounded awesome! I knew we were ordering waffles but we had to figure out what else to try.
We started off with Deep Fried Deviled Eggs. This was a bit of a gimmicky menu item but tasty nonetheless. The fried batter around the egg was pretty good but the stand out part of the dish was the chipotle mayo dipping sauce. I wouldn’t exactly call this dish deviled eggs but they were still pretty good.
a plate of food with a burger and fries
The Williamsburger

For our main courses, Kim and I ordered a couple of things to share- Chicken & Waffles and a very odd sounding burger called The Williamsburger.

The first thing I tried was the chicken & waffles. The waffles were just as good as Guy had said. They had a lot of great flavor and texture and there was a bit of sweetness to them. The chicken was also very tasty and the gravy added a nice creaminess to the dish. Syrup also went well on the chicken & waffles. The syrup had to be high quality as you could taste the vanilla in it. This was one of the best versions of chicken & waffles that I’ve ever had.
I wasn’t expecting to love The Williamsburger, but I did. The burger had a really odd combination of toppings. It was topped with a potato latke, apple sauce and sour cream. Everything seemed to work. The burger was really good and the latke added a nice potato flavor. I was surprised by how much I liked the apple sauce on top. It added a sweetness which made the burger really stand out. I didn’t notice the sour cream much but it didn’t hurt the burger.
Jimmy’s was one of the tastiest restaurants that I’ve been to in a while. I am looking forward to going back there in the near future to try out more of the menu options!
a sign with a man's face and text
Guy Ate Here

Here is the “Guy Ate Here” sign that he adds to restaurants that he visits on Triple D. Kim spotted it in the bathroom so I took a picture of it for the post.

To find out more about Jimmy’s Diner and to view the menu Click HERE.
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