American Airlines Is "Evolving"

While skimming through Facebook I came across this informative infographic filled with lots of details related to how “American Is Evolving”.

We are undergoing a transformation as we build towards the youngest fleet in five years among the five largest U.S. airlines. Check back often to follow our progress in bringing you a fresh, modern travel experience.

 Here is the infographic:

I’m pretty excited to see all of these changes coming to American. I have a ton of miles with AA so why not use them on a better, updated product! I rarely fly anything but coach so I don’t know if I will ever get to experience the fully lie flat seats but I am happy to hear about all of those new planes coming. It is also pretty amazing that 97% of the continental U.S. fleet will be wifi enabled by 2013.

If the infographic is a bit hard to read you can check it out on the American Airlines site HERE.

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