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Last December I wrote a post about Jumping at the Equator. A friend of mine passed along a link for my post to his friend who has a site called Tacky Tourist Photos. 
At first I was like, thanks… I think! Are my jumping photos really tacky??? 
When I think of my jumping photos- fun, laughter, light heart-ed and interesting come to mind.
I knew that my photos weren’t thought of in a negative way since my friend Jumping Norman, is what I consider, the King of Jumping! (Check out Jumping Norman’s collection of jumping photos on his Facebook page by clicking here)

Anyways, according to the definition of tacky is:
  • not tasteful or fashionable; dowdy
  • shabby in appearance; shoddy: a tacky, jerry-built housing development
  • crass; cheaply vulgar; tasteless; crude
  • gaudy; flashy; showy

I chatted online for a while with Darren (one of the “curators”) at Tacky Tourist Photos and told him why I was hesitant to have any of my photos on his site. He told me that they consider tacky a good thing and explained how.

Here is the explanation from the Tacky Tourist Photos website:

NOTHING is more nauseating than a valedictorian starting his or her speech by quoting from Webster’s Dictionary — or any dictionary. We know that “tacky” has a negative connotation amongst the dictionary-reading public. But we consider “tacky” to be a good thing. We liken it to “kitschy.” The reason we did not call this project Kitschy Tourist Photos is because it would kill the alliteration.
We love to connect with other travelers not afraid to act a little goofy sometimes and who do not take themselves too seriously.

While looking over the Tacky Tourist Photos site I  laughed quite a bit. I figured that some of my jumping photos would be a good fit there.

Check out my picture (shown above) and the post about it on Tacky Tourist Photos HERE

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