Local Eats: Chislic in South Dakota

a sign with a buffalo head on it
While traveling, Kim and I always like to find local foods to try in the area we are visiting.
South Dakota didn’t seem to have any unique, local foods until we came across Chislic.
According to Wikipedia, Chislic is “virtually unknown outside the state of South Dakota”.
The meat (it can be beef, lamb or venison) is cubed and deep fried. Chislic can vary in how it is prepared based on the area you are in.
a plate of food with sauce
I came across chislic while looking at the menus for a few restaurants for lunch one day and decided that I had to try it!
We headed over to the Bumpin Buffalo in Hill City. The restaurant had a nice bar area and lots of taxidermy buffalo heads (wearing hats) hanging on the walls.
a sign with a buffalo head
When I asked the waitress about chislic she enthusiastically told me how good it was so I went ahead and ordered it.
I couldn’t wait to dig in. The dish looked really tasty and was a generous portion. The meat was almost crunchy on the outside (in a good way) and moist & juicy on the inside. It was as dark as charcoal but not overcooked at all.
At the Bumpin Buffalo chislic is marinated sirloin tips, deep fried to perfection.
I can’t disagree with them at all- I really loved the dish… it may have been perfection or at least pretty close!
a restaurant with tables and chairs

Check out the Bumpin Buffalo’s website HERE

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