Jumping by South Point Lighthouse- South Coast, Barbados

a man jumping in front of a lighthouse
When I read that there were some lighthouses in Barbados, I wanted to try to check a couple out. There were two close to areas we would be visiting and I figured we could try to fit them in.
a red and white lighthouse
South Point Lighthouse is a close drive from the fishing village Oistins, known for it’s
Friday Night Fish Fry. After visiting the Fish Fry, Kim and I figured it would be worth seeing what Oistins was like during the day. We stopped by for a quick visit and then went to find the lighthouse.
Getting to the lighthouse was a bit difficult. To reach it, you need to drive through a residential area which was very confusing. We tried figuring it out on our own but had to pull over to ask a police officer where to go. It did not help that some roads were closed near Oistins.
After missing a few turns along the way, we finally found the lighthouse. The South Point Lighthouse could definitely use some TLC and looks like it’s been neglected for a long time. It is located on government property and it’s doubtful that many tourists come by for a visit. There isn’t much to see or do once you get to the lighthouse so I figured it was the perfect place for a jump!
a side mirror of a car

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