American Airlines 10% Off Codes Giveaway- Two Available

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I have two American Airlines 10% off codes (good for up to 6 people) to give away. 
I totally forgot that I had the codes, but a post by Million Mile Secrets reminded me that they were expiring soon and I could not make use of them.
The codes each have different book by & travel by dates:
  • Code 1: Book by 5/4/12, Travel by 5/11/12
  • Code 2: Book by 5/15/12, Travel by 5/21/12
  • Codes good for round trip flight (no open jaw) booked on
  • Good for travel to/ from any airports
  • Good for one time use per code
Leave a comment (with your e-mail) to enter my give away
Contest Ends 4/30/12

11 thoughts on “American Airlines 10% Off Codes Giveaway- Two Available

  1. Michael,
    I don’t need them but it’s great that you’re putting them out there for those that do! Kudos —- Rich A.

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