Fly On A Private Jet For Under $20,000- What A Deal!

a close-up of a white airplane
Deal a day sites have been incredibly popular the last few years. The main sites, Groupon and Living Social are facing competition from big companies like Amazon (Amazon Local) and Google (Google Offers) among others.
On these sites you can buy just about anything- restaurant offers, travel deals, online gift cards, unique experiences, the list goes on and on.

How about a deal to buy flight time on a private jet!

Urban Daddy Perks is offering a great deal.
For $19,800 you can buy 5 hours of flight time on a private jet.

Doesn’t this sound like a bargain? We would be lucky to get this deal as they don’t do this for just anybody- 25 hours is the standard, minimum flight time. 

the inside of a plane with tan seats

 More about the deal:

  • Flight time is with Magellan Jets 
  • Complimentary transportation to or from the jet
  • Jet can accommodate 6-8 people
  • Minimum flight is 2 hours
  • Two tickets to the final round of the Masters Golf Tournament on Sunday April 8
  • Access to Executive Club (adjacent to the Masters)
I know that I won’t be taking advantage of this great deal but if you have $20,000 to spare, then you might want to consider this offer. 
If you need to fill a seat on your flight, I’d be more than happy to tag along.
To find out more and to book this deal click here

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