US Airways Grand Slam- Is it worth playing?

I am not really into spending money or buying miles but after reading about the US Airways Grand Slam, I thought it made sense for me to play a bit. For a small investment I figured I could really see a nice gain to my account.

Up until the Grand Slam I had a little over 36,000 Dividend Miles in my account with US Airways due to a credit card sign up bonus. 36,000 miles will not get my wife and I very far so I figured the Grand Slam was the perfect opportunity to add to my account.

My goal for the Grand Slam was to earn 25,000 miles by getting 16 hits for as cheap as possible. By getting to 60,000 total miles with US Air it will get my wife and I each a free flight! A bunch of the hits are virtually free.

I started playing the Grand Slam on 9/20 and as of 10/13 I have completed 14 hits which cost me $59.20. 11/14 hits have posted to my Dividend Miles account and the first two bonus awards have posted for 10,000 Dividend Miles so far.

My next 2 hits to get to my goal should cost me between $10-$35. So in the end I should be able to earn 25,000 bonus miles for about $94.00. In addition to the bonus miles, I have also earned 1190 miles for all of the purchases as well we have enjoyed cookies, peanut brittle and some other randomly not so useful items!

If you want to play, here is the link for Grand Slam Rules:

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