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Did I Receive A Retention Offer: Amex Biz Platinum Delta Card

I’ve had pretty good success when it comes to credit card retention offers over the years. Whenever a card comes up for an annual fee, I always like to call in to see what offers might be available to me… Even if I don’t have any real desire or intention to keep the card open.

When the annual fee came up for my American Express Platinum Delta ® Business card, I knew that I would be closing it. Besides the random Amex Sync or Small Business Saturday offer, this is a card that I never used. There is no way to justify  paying any annual fee, let alone $195 for this card. Continue reading Did I Receive A Retention Offer: Amex Biz Platinum Delta Card

My Starwood Biz Amex Retention Offer

When I’m not working on fulfilling minimum spends to earn bonuses on new credit cards, I tend to have a couple of (not so surprising) go- to cards. I try use a mixture of my SPG Amex’s and my Chase Ink cards as much as possible.

I currently have both the American Express personal and business SPG cards. When the annual fee recently came up for my business card, I had a big decision to make, keep it or close it? Continue reading My Starwood Biz Amex Retention Offer

Turning Down An AA Biz Card Retention Offer

AAdvantage CitiBusiness VisaDisclosure: I receive a commission if you apply & get approved for the credit card mentioned at the bottom of this post. Thank you for supporting Michael W Travels.

It seems like every month I have another Citi American Airlines credit card’s annual fee come up. I’m not complaining, I consider myself lucky to have been approved for so many AA cards over the years!

For 2014, I’ve already received two Citi Executive AAdvantage cards which come with an amazing 100,000 bonus miles each. If you haven’t already taken advantage of this offer, you can still do so by applying here. (The card comes with a pricey $450 annual fee but after a $200 statement credit you are really only paying $250.)

Back in January I received $10 Profit + Up To 16,000 Bonus Miles to keep my Citi AA American Express card open. Then in February I was offered a couple of options to keep my Citi AA Visa card open.

Continue reading Turning Down An AA Biz Card Retention Offer

Update On My Amex Platinum Card Retention Offer

Yesterday I wrote about My Amex Platinum Card Retention OfferWhile my offer of 6,000 Membership Rewards points or a $50 statement credit was nothing to get overly excited about, many would agree that something is still better than nothing!

I knew that retention offers varied from American Express and found out a couple of things from reader’s comments.

  • Retention offers seemed to vary from 1,500 – 25,000 Membership Rewards points
  • Due to the loss of American Airlines/ US Airways lounge access, Amex was giving many people an additional incidental credit of $100 – $200 in late March. (I heard about this offer when lounge access changes were announced but I was not offered an additional credit during my initial call.)

Not being one to just accept what I was given (& inspired by your comments) I decided to place another call to the Amex Membership Services Department (800-452-3945).

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My Amex Platinum Card Retention Offer

Last January I got approved for a short-lived American Express Platinum Card 100,000 Membership Rewards points sign up offer through creditcards.com. After completing the minimum spend, I had to fight to get my points from Amex.

With a hefty $450 annual fee due in the middle of this month I have a big decisions to make: Do I pay the fee for the year or do I cancel the card?

While I’d love to just cancel the card, I have a major obstacle in the way. What do I do with my Membership Rewards points.

I was hoping to come across a decent transfer bonus offer to make my decision easy but nothing exciting came up over the past couple of months.

I decided to give American Express Platinum customer service a call to see if they could help me out with the annual fee.

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