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Japan Trip Recap: Day 7- Nara

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After spending a couple of days checking out the sites around Kyoto, we decided to take a day trip to Nara.

Nara is one of the ancient capitals of Japan and is located about an hour away from Kyoto (by train).  Just like our visit to Kyoto, we spent most of our day visiting sites which make up the “Ancient Sites of Nara” which are collectively a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Most of them are found within Nara Park.

Like Miyajima Island, Nara also has tons of four-legged friends wandering around. Surprisingly these were even more tame and also much friendlier! Interacting with the deer was probably my favorite part of the visit. Lucas wasn’t a big fan and got scared when the deer came too close to his stroller.
Here is what we did in Nara:

  • Kofuku-ji Temple– a variety of buildings
  • Interacting with the Tame Deer
  • Todai-ji Temple- Home to the world’s largest state of bronze Buddha
  • Kasuga Taisha- A shrine with lots of lanterns
  • Mos Burger- Japan’s version of McDonald’s