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Japan Trip Recap: Day 7- Nara

After spending a couple of days checking out the sites around Kyoto, we decided to take a day trip to Nara.

Nara is one of the ancient capitals of Japan and is located about an hour away from Kyoto (by train). ┬áJust like our visit to Kyoto, we spent most of our day visiting sites which make up the “Ancient Sites of Nara” which are collectively a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Most of them are found within Nara Park.

Like Miyajima Island, Nara also has tons of four-legged friends wandering around. Surprisingly these were even more tame and also much friendlier! Interacting with the deer was probably my favorite part of the visit. Lucas wasn’t a big fan and got scared when the deer came too close to his stroller.
Here is what we did in Nara:

  • Kofuku-ji Temple– a variety of buildings
  • Interacting with the Tame Deer
  • Todai-ji Temple- Home to the world’s largest state of bronze Buddha
  • Kasuga Taisha- A shrine with lots of lanterns
  • Mos Burger-┬áJapan’s version of McDonald’s