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7 Apps To Tackle In-Flight Boredom


I’m not a big user of apps or games on my phone but there are a few that I do get lots of use out of.

When traveling, I find TripIt and Currency to be extremely useful. TripIt is also essential when planning trips. I also get lots of use out of AwardWallet which is great for keeping track of all of those easy to forget frequent flyer account #s and passwords.

During flights I’ll use my phone for a few minutes here and there to kill some time. If I have wifi, I’ll usually just surf the web. When I don’t have wifi, which happens to be the majority of the time I might play (the free versions) of Temple Run or the puzzle game KaGlom for 5-10 minutes to pass a little time during the flight.

Thanks to a USA Today article that I recently came across, I now have some new apps to consider using to stay busy and maybe even be a bit more productive during flights.

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