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Become An Astronaut With Space Expedition Curacao

a white toy airplane with a bright light coming out of it

Many people have heard about going to space with Virgin Galactic but there’s other competition out there for space travel.
I came across Space Expedition Curacao a couple of weeks ago.

For $95,000 you can be a part of the Founder Program. Only 100 people will have the honor to be a part of this program. They will make the first flights into space with SXC. A full payment is required to sign up. Founders will get a complementary training mission and 3 night stay in a luxury hotel in Curacao.

Another program they are running is the Future Astronaut Program. After the initial 100 astronauts have been to space they will get a turn to go. This also includes a 3 night stay in a luxury hotel and costs $95,000 broken up into two payments.

I guess if you have a lot of money to burn and have traveled all over the world, then this is the right adventure for you. I could think of tons of better things to do with $95,000…

Check out Space Expedition Curacao here.