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World Electrical Outlets Guide

different types of electrical outlets
I found this image through Twitter which I found very interesting. It was posted by the site  Unplggd. It shows the various electrical outlets used around the world.
I like how the Danish outlet (top right) looks happy with a smiley face, the North American outlet (bottom row, second from left) looks a bit surprised!
Anyone that has traveled the world has had to worry about having the correct outlet plugs/ adapters at some point. What good are your electronic devices if you can’t charge them!
I used to have a bag of plugs good for most parts of the world but since then I’ve purchased a universal adapter. I can now have one plug that works almost everywhere.
a close-up of a plug
Lots of Plugs

a collage of a black device
Universal Adapter

 If you plan to do any international travel, then a universal travel adapter is a great investment. I bought mine at Target a few years ago. I think I paid around $15. I’ve seen some as cheap as $8 and some in the $25 range. Just do a little research before buying one. You don’t want to buy a cheapie that is going to break during a trip.