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Ridiculous Street Signs #4- Free Water- Dubai, UAE

a water fountain with a sign on the wall
I visited  Dubai in late August (a couple of years ago) when temperatures average 106 degrees plus it is also extremely humid. It is so hot that many bus stops are enclosed and air conditioned.
To cool off from the heat, I decided to visit a water park called Wild Wadi. I am not a big fan of rides or amusement parks but a half day visit to a water park just seemed right due to the extreme heat.
While wandering around the park I came across this water fountain. 
Better than getting some free water (this is Dubai where everything is outrageous, over the top & expensive) was the sign directly above letting everyone know that the water was FREE! 
I can not believe that in Dubai there are still some things that are free, like drinkable water. I was surprised that there wasn’t a coin slot to pay to use the water fountain…