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AirTran A+Rewards Partnership with Membership Rewards Ending

The point transfer relationship between Amex Membership Rewards and AirTran is ending on 2/29/12.

Transfers are:
1,500 Membership Rewards points = one A+ Rewards credit
24,000 Membership Rewards points= 16 A+ Rewards credits, enough for a roundtrip coach ticket.

I am not a fan of AirTran and have only flown with them one time. They would not be my choice of where to transfer my  Membership Rewards points. I’ve transferred my points to Continental/ United in the past. I feel this is a much better option offering lots of more places to fly.
Since Continental/ United isn’t a current transfer option, I would probably consider sending my points to Hawaiian Airlines, JetBlue or Delta in the future.

If you want to transfer Membership Rewards to AirTran A+ Rewards Click Here