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I’m always looking for new ways to track all of my frequent flyer & hotel points accounts. With AA not being a part of Award Wallet’s service anymore, it makes the site much less valuable to me.

I came across PointHub, a site that “simplifies reward management”.
The site offers a variety of services that all seem to be useful and best of all, using the site is free! (PointHub currently does not support American Airlines. It says that they are working with AA to support AAdvantage so hopefully that will happen soon)

Some things that PointHub offers:

  • Cash vs. Points– shows the best rates for flights and hotels side by side with the price in frequent flyer miles and reward points. They provide the option to book either way and even suggests which is the better deal. Their recommendation engine computes dozens of pricing factors including program redemption fees and restrictions, your tier status & travel preferences.
  • PointTracker– track all of your loyalty programs in one place.You can track flight credits, airline vouchers, tier-status progress, pending itineraries & expiration dates.
  • Alerts– PointHub will alert you when miles, points, flight credits or airline vouchers are about to expire.
  • PointFinder– they send a live feed to your dashboard that match your reward programs, travel habits & preferences. ( I am not sure how this feature works)

I haven’t had much time to check out PointHub as of yet.. However, I do plan to take advantage of the features offered on their site.

To sign up and check out the features offered, sign up for PointHub here.