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Is That A Bug Or A Stick- Tikal, Guatemala

I love animals, bugs not so much. While visiting the amazing Mayan city Tikal, I came across this really cool bug, a Stick Bug:

a stick insect on the ground

I have seen stick bugs on various TV shows but never before in person. We were walking on a dirt path through the jungle when I was about to take a step but I stopped mid air. This stick had caught my eye and I knew something was not right. This was not a stick, well it was- it was a stick bug. I gently tapped it with my foot and he did not move. He moved down a drop like a spring would but otherwise did not budge.

a long shot of a bug

This has to be the perfect camouflage. We probably passed many of these bugs in the two days we visited Tikal but this was the only one that I had noticed.