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Let KLM Predict Your Next Trip (or waste a few minutes of your time)

a blue logo with a crown and a cross
KLM has a ridiculous new website called Travel Predictor. The site makes predictions on where and when you will go on your next trip by using your digital footprint through Facebook. It also tells you who is going along with you on the trip (choosing from your FB friends list).
I tried the Travel Predictor out a few times and can’t say that it inspired me to book any of the trips I was told that I was going on…Shocker!

The trips were:
  • Leeds, England with my wife in late June
  • The Singapore Food Festival in July with a random person from my friend list
  • The Olympics in London in July with a random person from my friend list
  • The World Pipe Band Championships in Glasgow in August with a friend that I have not seen in 15 years
After a few tries I gave up on the Travel Predictor. The site was fun to mess around with for a few minutes and is a good gimmick but it is even more a waste of time! From the places that I was told that I was going, none have been considered for upcoming trips although I would like to go to Singapore and check out an Olympics at some point…

If you you’re looking to kill a few minutes and get some ideas of where to travel, check out the Travel Predictor HERE

Ridiculous Street Signs #5- Ka Ka Bakery- Brooklyn, NY

a store front with signs and a sign on the front
I was lucky enough to come across this awesome street sign last week.
I wasn’t on vacation or even too far from home. I’ve passed this street tons of times and NEVER before noticed this sign.
I was waiting in the car with my son while my wife ran in to grab a couple of donuts at a local place. I opened my window to get some air and happened to notice another dessert option- Ka Ka Bakery right next door!
a store front with a sign
Close-up of Ka Ka
I immediately pulled out my phone to get some photos of this awesome and ridiculous sign! As my wife came back to the car she spotted me taking pictures and said she had also just noticed the sign for the first time.
Was Ka Ka the best name they could think of for a bakery? 

One could only imagine what ingredients are being used in their fine, baked goods…