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Contributor Ridiculous Street Signs # 6- Mile Run- Pennsylvania

a green and white street sign

I recently received an e-mail from Nina (aka Delta Gold Lass on Milepoint) with a pretty funny sign. While the average person might not see the humor, most of us in the mileage collecting hobby should see the humor here!

Nina is a speech language pathologist working with children ages 0-5. Most of them have autism spectrum disorders (I happen to work in the same field as a special educator). 
She was devastated by Hurricane Sandy, living directly across from the Atlantic Ocean. She is still not back in her condo yet but her saving grace is travel.

I wanted to find out a little more about this sign and sent Nina a few questions.

Here they are:
MW: Where did you spot the sign?
Nina: I spotted the sign along Route 80 in rural central Pennsylvania.

MW: When did you spot it?
Nina: I saw it on April 19 & 21. I was on the way to a gymnastics event at Penn State with some friends that love gymnastics.

a road sign on a hill

MW: What was your reaction when you saw it?
Nina: I had to stop and pull over to take a picture because it was hilarious. To me it was hysterical in the eyes of a flying freak. I deliberately wait for Delta fares to drop and then take flights to no where just to accumulate MQMs. 

MW: How did your friends feel when you decided to pull over?
Nina: My companions are accustomed to my lunacy and some have reaped the benefits. They also laughed, seeing my perspective but also rolled their eyes and grinned to bear the detour!

I want to thank Nina for sending in this sign and sharing a little about it with us!

***For those that don’t know, a mileage run (according to Wikipedia) is “an airline trip designed and taken solely to gain maximum frequent- flyer miles, points or status”.

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