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On Thursday I posted about Delta NONSTOP NYC, a promo where 40 winners will win an unforgettable trip for two to LA (from NYC).

The sweepstakes was supposed to start today (and include more info about the giveaway). However, due to the storm in the Northeast the start date of Nonstop NYC has been changed to November 5.

The number of weeks to play have been reduced from 7 to 6. The good news is that there will still be 40 opportunities to win!

When the sweepstakes starts next week the first mission will be:

  • Around the World NYC or Not  

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Let’s hope the storm doesn’t turn out as bad as predicted and the damage is minimal. I know my windows are all shut and lots of water bottles are filled! 

Stay safe everyone!

Delta NONSTOP NYC- Win A Trip From NYC to LA

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A couple of days back Delta tweeted some info about an upcoming giveaway.
There wasn’t much detail so this is all I have to report:

  • Starting October 29, win two tickets for an unforgettable trip from NYC to LA
  • There will be 40 Winners
  • There are 3 Ways to Win
  • Must be at least 21 years old

I’m not too sure of what the unforgettable trip includes but I’ll be sure to sign up for a chance at the prize on 10/29.

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