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Really Annoying Street Performers- Vienna, Austria

While in Vienna, each morning we took the train a couple of stops on the U-Bahn to Stephansplatz. The Stephansplatz is a square in the center of Vienna which is closest to many of the tourist attractions. There were a couple of things that we were greeted by each time we arrived-
Stephansdom (St. Stephen’s Cathedral) and Street Performers.

a large building with many spires with St. Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna in the background
The cathdral was nice to see but the street performers could be really annoying. Some were really loud and noisey and others (mimes) would just stand around in the middle of the square. The Stephansplatz is a very busy area and we constantly havd to alter our path to walk avoid these street performers.
a person in a white garment
Noisey Performer

a statue of a man and a woman in a garment

One day we had to stop to watch the loud, annoying guy. I really didn’t get the point of his act. He made a screeching sound with a noisemaker of some sort. I guess some people thought it was funny and decided to give him a donation. I personally would’ve gave him money to stop!

Here is the video: 
Let me know what you think of this fine performance.