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The World’s Longest Flights- US News & World Report

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Before a trip, the question that I am pretty much guaranteed to get asked multiple times is- How long is the flight? 
I’ve been on many long flights that have taken me to many great places. 
My longest direct flight was from Hong Kong to New York on Cathay Pacific. The flight took around 16 hours (the reverse of this flight is tied for 8th on the list below) and was not a lot of fun. I find the long, uncomfortable flights a fair price to pay for what I will get to see and experience in the place I’ll be visiting.
US News & World Reports put out a list of the World’s Longest Flights. I found it pretty interesting to see which flights made the list. Like I said above, my longest flight was 16 hours direct. I could not imagine being on that flight for another 2.5 hours like the longest flight- Los Angeles to Singapore.
Check out the list:
8- New York to Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific (Tie)
Miles: 8,059
Scheduled Duration: 16 Hours
8- Dallas- Ft Worth to Brisbane on Qantas (Tie)
Miles: 8,584
Scheduled Duration: 16 Hours
8- Johannesburg to New York on South African Airways (Tie)
Miles: 7,970
Scheduled Duration: 16 Hours
8- Newark to Hong Kong on United Airlines (Tie)
Miles: 8,065
Scheduled Duration: 16 Hours
6- Atlanta to Johannesburg on Delta Airlines (Tie)
Miles: 8,433
Scheduled Duration: 16 Hours 15 Minutes
6- Doha to Houston on Qatar Airways (Tie)
Miles: 8,047
Scheduled Duration: 16 Hours 15 Minutes
5- Dubai to Houston on Emirates Airlines
Miles: 8,164
Scheduled Duration: 16 Hours 20 Minutes
4- Dubai to Los Angeles on Emirates Airlines
Miles: 8,335
Scheduled Duration: 16 Hours 30 Minutes
3- Los Angeles to Bangkok on Thai Airways
Miles: 8,260
Scheduled Duration: 17 Hours 30 Minutes
2- Newark to Singapore on Singapore Airlines
Miles: 10,371
Scheduled Duration: 18 Hours
1- Los Angeles to Singapore on Singapore Airlines
Miles: 9,500
Scheduled Duration:  18 Hours 30 Minutes
Find out more about each flight at US News and World Report