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Ridiculous Street Signs #3- Drive On Left- Australia

a road sign on the side of the road
While in Melbourne, my wife and I decided to do a day trip that drove along the Great Ocean Road. It was going to be a long day but the natural sites that we’d get to see along the coast would make it well worth our time.
At the beginning of our tour, the bus stopped at Bells Beach where we got to see some locals surfing. This beach is known for it’s surfing competitions and is the setting for the final scene in the movie Point Break.
A short while later we stopped again to take photos of the sign for the starting point/ entrance to the Great Ocean Road. I snapped a few shots and then wandered around the road a little bit and came across the important and informative sign shown above.
I am definitely hoping that if you decide to rent a car while visiting Australia,you remember to drive on the left!