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I’m Heading to the New York Times Travel Show

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This weekend is the New York Times Travel Show at the Jacob Javits Center in NYC. 
The show runs from January 18-20 and will be celebrating it’s 10th anniversary.

I’m heading to the show for the Travel Industry Day today and might attend one of the General Public Days too to check out some of the travel seminars. (I was able to get a media credential which gives me access to the Travel Industry and General Public Days.)

The first day is nice to attend since the exhibition floor is open featuring representatives from various tourism boards, hotels and travel companies. It is also much less crowded than during the General Public days. This should give me time to chat with representatives from tourism boards for some of the places Kim, Lucas and I will be visiting in 2013.
I’ve attended the Travel Show a few times in the past. Last year was the first time I had a media credential and got to attend the Travel Industry Day. A couple of other times I attended the show- mainly to attend some of the travel seminars presented by travel experts and TV personalities.

Here are some of the travel seminars I’ve attended:

  • Adam Richman- Man vs Food
  • Andrew Zimmern- Bizarre Foods
  • Brian Kelly- The Points Guy blog
  • Ian Wright- Globe Trekker
  • Patricia Schultz- Author- 1,000 Places to See Before You Die
  • Samantha Brown- Various Travel Channel shows

This year I’m thinking about attending seminars by

  • Seth Kugel- the NY Times Frugal Traveler 
  • Andrew McCarthyActor, Author & Traveler
  • Travel Bloggers Panel highlighting travel trends

I’m hoping to get some valuable information about a few destinations that we’ll be visiting in 2013. I’d also like to learn about some new travel companies and products that I haven’t heard of. 

If my schedule allows for it, I’ll head back to the show (most likely on Saturday) to attend the seminars mentioned above.

Stay tuned for more about the 2013 New York Times Travel Show.

Industry Day At The NY Times Travel Show

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I had a great time at industry day at the NY Times Travel Show. 
(Read my posts about my plans to attend the show here)

I didn’t get to attend any of the travel seminars in the morning but it was nice getting to visit the exhibition area before it was open to the public. 

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I got to speak with representatives from a bunch of tourism boards and took a few business cards for places that I plan to visit in the near future. I also spoke with reps from some new travel-related websites and businesses including some that have not even launched yet.

In some upcoming posts I plan to write about a few of the new travel sites & businesses.

I’ll be heading back to the travel show on Sunday to attend a few presentations.

More posts soon to follow!