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Jumping By The Elephant Cave- Bali, Indonesia

While in Bali over the summer Kim, Lucas and I visited many interesting sites. 
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There was one site that I wanted to check out- mainly due to it’s name. (Definitely not the best reason to go out of your way to visit a site!)
When I first heard of the Elephant Cave, I immediately added it to my list of places to visit. I did a little more reading about the site and decided it was worth a stop. I wasn’t really going to visit just based on it’s name!

The Elephant Cave (Goa Gajah) is a short drive from Ubud. From what I read, it dates to the 11th century. It’s name comes from people believing the face at the cave entrance resembles an elephant. In my opinion the face looks nothing like an elephant. According to Lonely Planet the entrance to the cave is actually the mouth of a demon.

Inside the cave- statue of Ganesha

After paying the entry fee we were given sarongs to wear while visiting the Elephant Cave. To reach the entrance to the cave we had to walk down a bunch of steps and then pass by some bathing pools which had some interesting carvings.


The Elephant Cave wasn’t a busy site which was really nice. However, we still had to wait to get photos at the entrance without other visitors in them.

Inside the cave there wasn’t much to see. We did a quick walk inside and saw a few small statues. According to my Lonely Planet guide-one was of Ganesha and another of lingam” the phallic symbol of the Hindu god Shiva.

Exiting the cave
Nice Form!
The main purpose of our visit to the Elephant Cave was to get to jump by the entrance.
I wasn’t disappointed stopping by to check out the cave and get some fun photos! I felt that visiting the site was well worth it to see such an old and amazing carving. I’ve seen many old sites but this one was pretty unique and it was pretty cool that we could go inside the cave.
The Michael W Travels Team

Found: A New TSA Lock

My new TSA Lock
A few days back I wrote about how my TSA lock went missing on my flight from Singapore to Bali. 
I searched all over Bali for a new lock but wasn’t having any luck. There were shops everywhere selling a wide variety of items. Some had some really nice things but most sold tacky 
“I <3 Bali" t-shirts and other junky souvenirs.
I found it odd that nobody sold travel related items like bags, apparel and TSA approved locks.

On our last day in Bali, we were heading back to the hotel after dinner. Many shops were still open and I spotted a luggage store which looked promising. I went inside and sure enough they did have the lock I was looking for. I couldn’t believe that I had finally found it. However, when I heard the price- around $10 I decided to pass (this is Asia- things are supposed to be cheaper here, right?).

The following morning we had an extremely early flight to Kuala Lumpur, once again with Air Asia. I was skimming through their in-flight menu which also had lots of Air Asia branded merchandise. Some of the items looks pretty good. They sold apparel, luggage scales, model airplanes, toys and many other items… and to my surprise TSA locks!

AirAsia in-flight mag ad
Their locks were pretty nice, having the AirAsia logo on it. I debated buying a lock, the price seemed fair and I really didn’t want to search around Kuala Lumpur for one. The merchandise cart had already came by so I went to the back of the plane to ask about purchasing the lock. The friendly AirAsia stewardesses were happy to help.
I wanted to pay in US dollars since I was out of Indonesian rupees. The problem was that I wanted change in Malaysian Ringgitts which they could not give me back! (Indonesian currency was of no value to me since we were heading to Malaysia before heading back to Singapore.)

When they told me the price in US dollars, luckily I had the exact amount needed- $7.00. 

I think that I got a decent price and now have a nice, shiny new TSA lock to keep my bags safe!

Win An Orangutan Adventure In Java

Lonely Planet and i to i Volunteering are giving away a trip for two (winner and a guest) to Java to care for orangutans at Yogyakarta’s Wildlife Rescue Center.
This is an interesting contest to come across as I am writing this post in Bali, just a little over an hour away from Java by plane. I seriously considered a quick visit to Java but due to traveling with an infant it was a bit much to do.
The Prize:
  • Two places on the “Orangutans and Community Education in Java” tour- operated by i to i. Find out details about this tour HERE.
  • Up to AU$1500 to be used towards the purchase of economy airfare to Java. The winner and guest will be responsible for any costs over this amount. 

Some Details:

Travel must be completed by September 30, 2013
Must be 18 years of age or older to enter
My favorite rule: You can not enter if you have a criminal record, the nature of which inhibits overseas travel
Sweepstakes ends October 8, 2012
Enter for your chance to win this amazing trip HERE