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Ridiculous Street Signs #12- Exit the U-Bahn

a man running in a building

This photo might not fit the exact description of a Ridiculous Street Sign but I thought this was the best place for it.

I’ve always felt that warning and directions signs featuring those silly looking stick figures were pretty funny. Many times I’ve tried to copy the impossible positions they are in on the signs. This usually causes a laugh or two while others might wonder what I find so funny.

While in Germany, we were heading back to our hostel after visiting a beer hall for dinner. On the way out, we were assisted in finding the exit by a stick figure sign.

I decided to take an attempt at imitating the figure on the sign while my brother took some photos. We had a good laugh and apparently others found it funny and decided to join in.

a woman running with balloons

This could go down as the first ever Street Signs Pose- Off!