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10 Hot New Travel Gadgets

Budget Travel Magazine went to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and made a list of 10 hot new travel gadgets. Some of the items are really interesting and useful, others not so necessary.

Here is the list:

  1. The Sony P.- a tablet that weighs .5 lbs. that folds in half and has dual 5.5 inch screens
  2. The Power Bag– bags that charge your iPad, iPhone & iPods while you walk
  3. Jawbone UP– wristband measures activity, sleep & nutrition and sends data to phone
  4. Q i-wear– shatterproof sunglasses with iPhone earbuds that lets you take calls too
  5. FOXL v2– pocketsize speaker system, streams music via bluetooth
  6. Polaroid Z340– zero ink, 14MP camera that keeps a copy of the pic in it’s memory
  7. iLuv Dream Traveler– combo power strip w/ surge protector & USB charger for 6 devices
  8. Cloud Camera 5000– keep an eye while you are away, you can set motion sensors triggers that e-mail you
  9. ViewerMate– stand that locks onto up and locked tray table or attachs to car visor for hands free conversations & GPS use
  10. Perch chirps when you pull out your electrical device so you don’t forget your charger

My favorite gadgets on the list are the ViewerMate and iLuv Dream Traveler. Both items definitely sound useful. The ViewerMate is priced at $29-$34 which seems fair for a useful way to hold your smartphone to watch movies on a flight. The iLuv Dream sounds really nice too but I think it is very pricey at $69.99. I currently use the Monster Outlets to Go (about $12 on Amazon)

The Power Bag might be useful for some but I find it a bit silly. The idea of a bag that can charge my gadgets does sound great but I am not sure that luxury is worth $139-$249.
The Q i-Wear also seems a bit pricey and unnecessary at $299. I know Oakley has made bluetooth headphone sunglasses but have rarely seen people walking around with them. I am not sure if these are so much better.

To find out more about all of  the gadgets, check out the Budget Travel Magazine slideshow