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Travel & Leisure: The World’s Funniest Signs

a sign with a finger pointing at a squirrel
Photo from T&L slideshow

I’ve pretty much always been a fan of funny and ridiculous street signs. These signs always seem to catch my eye and I end up stopping for a photo-op.

Check out some of my Ridiculous Street Signs photos at the tab I created HERE.

A few weeks back I started posting Contributor Ridiculous Street Signs photos. 
There have been a couple of contributor photos so far:

  1. Elderly People Crossing  
  2. Don’t Drive in Water 

When Rene sent me his contributed photo of Elderly People Crossing, he was also nice enough to send me a link to a Travel & Leisure slideshow of the World’s Funniest Signs. 
The slideshow was from October 2010 and the photos were actually sent in by T&L readers for a Funny Signs photo contest.

There were some really funny signs in the slideshow. One of them was very similar to my second contributed sign. As funny as some of the T&L signs were, I think that some of the photos on my tab are much better!

Here are a few of my favorites from the T&L slideshow:

a speed limit sign in the desert
a sign on a sidewalk near a golf course
a white sign with black text
What did you think of my favorites from Travel & Leisure’s World’s Funniest Signs collection. Check out the full T&L slideshow HERE and let me know which photos you liked best.

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