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Lonely Planet- Top 10 Cities For 2013

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Last week I wrote about Lonely Planet’s Top 10 Countries for 2013. I also came across a Lonely Planet list of Top 10 Cities for 2013. The list is made up of of cities located all over the world and doesn’t really favor any particular region.

From the list I’ve only visited 3 places, #s 1,2 and 8. If I had to pick one city from the list to visit in the near future I’d most likely go with #9- Addis Ababa or #10- Puerto Iguazu. 

  1. San Francisco- “Darling of America’s west coast”
  2. Amsterdam- “Golden age charmer prepares to party”
  3. Hyderabad- “Old city recapturing old glory”
  4. Londonderry/ Derry- “Packed calendar for UK City of Culture”
  5. Beijing- “Capital on cusp of greatness”
  6. Christchurch- “Rising from the rubble with flair”
  7. Hobart- “Harbor town becomes hip”
  8. Montreal- “Melange of cultures marries brains and beauty”
  9. Addis Ababa- Ethiopian metropolis evolving at pace”
  10. Puerto Iguazu- “Much more than just a waterfall”

Where would you like to visit from the top cities list in 2013?
Check out more information about each city HERE