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Win A Trip For Two To Patagonia from REI and LAN

a close up of a glacier
REI and LAN are giving away an amazing trip for two to Patagonia. 
The trip starts out in Buenos Aires and then visits Argentine & Chilean Patagonia.
Kim and I traveled around Chilean Patagonia independently a little over a year ago. The scenery is incredible and we were totally exhausted from hiking around Torres Del Paine National Park. We weren’t really prepared for the amount of hiking that we did and would make sure to be better prepared if we ever get a chance to visit again. We’d both also love the opportunity to visit Argentine Patagonia in the future.
Grand Prize Includes:
  • Two round trip economy class tickets to Buenes Aires, Argentina. (Flights are available from Miami, Los Angeles, New York or San Francisco)
  • Everything listed on the REI Fitz Roy & Paine Hiking Tour
  • Winner must book trip by 12/31/12 and travel must be completed by 12/31/13
  • Prize is valued at $14,600
Open to legal residents of the 48 contiguous United States and D.C.
Must be18 years of age or older at time of entry
Sweespstakes ends August 22, 2012 
Enter for your chance to win this amazing adventure HERE

5 Trips That Will Change Your Life put out a list of 5 Trips That Will Change Your Life.
The list is pretty interesting and the trips recommended are very expensive.

Here is the list:

  1. Raft The Grand Canyon
  2. Easter Island, Chile
  3. Tiger Safari by Chartered Plane
  4. Explore Antarctica
  5. Trekking in Bhutan

I had an amazing time when I visited Easter Island. It is not a cheap place but it can be done in a somewhat affordable way. I also got to visit the Grand Canyon but did not go rafting. However I did have an amazing time viewing it from the Sky Walk.

I would love to visit Antarctica, it’s actually the only continent that I have not visited! However I get really bad sea sickness so I am not sure when that visit will happen. I am hoping that at some point I can get on a flight to Antarctica to avoid the long travel by boat in the rough waters.

I’d also love to go on a tiger safari in India! I’ve been to Africa two times and had amazing times on safaris but have not had the opportunity to see a tiger in the wild yet.

To read the full Forbes article-Five Trips That Will Change Your Life, click here

Japan: 10,000 Free Flights For Foreigners- Not Approved

I post this with great disappointment… When it was announced that Japan would try to help the economy and jump start it’s tourism industry by possibly offering 10,000 free flights to foreigners, I got pretty excited. I started thinking where I would want to go and what itinerary I would propose on my application…

I read a short while ago that this program was not approved as part of  the government draft budget of 2012.

I haven’t made it out of the airport in Japan but do plan to visit someday. A free flight would’ve been great motivation to go!
While looking into trip ideas for spring break this past year, we had narrowed our options to Japan and Chile. Both were available for really great deals using miles. After going back and forth with our options, my wife and I decided to go with Chile. We booked our flights to Chile on March 10 and I woke up to news of the devastating earthquake that had just hit Japan. It looked like our choice would’ve been made for us by mother nature had we not decided the day before!

Here is the press release from the Japan Tourism Agency:

”Fly to Japan! Project”(10,000 FREE FLIGHTS TO FOREIGNERS)

The project titled Fly to Japan! (to offer flight tickets to 10,000 foreigners with high potential to communicate Japan’s attractions), which had been covered in a number of media in autumn this year, was not approved as a governmental draft budget of FY 2012.

We express our hearty gratitude to a multitude of people for offering inquiries and messages to support Japan after its coverage.

As the recovery from the earthquake is an ongoing urgent task, Japan has been vigorously working towards its restoration with the support from the world. Almost all of Japan has been back to normal and ready to welcome visitors. We are sincerely looking forward to having you to see Japan with your own eyes.

Japan Tourism Agency and Japan National Tourism Organization would like to inform you of the events and promotions in 2012. If you are interested, please register as a Visit Japan fan from the site below:

I do wonder if the Fly To Japan program was just a publicity stunt to get people interested and talking about Japan again. Then again, I am sure the money that would’ve been used to fund this program will go to use in rebuilding and helping the people of Japan.