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KLM Starts Weekly Flights Using Sustainable Biofuel

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Back in November I wrote about KLM’s Green Initiatives. I thought it was really great how KLM was stepping up to try to lessen the impact their flights had on the environment. 
They had taken various steps to make these “green” changes including experimenting with using biofuels on a flight from Amsterdam to Rio.

I was happy to receive an e-mail from KLM a few days back regarding “new steps in sustainable flight”. From the moment I saw the subject line I was interested. 

The e-mail contained some pretty interesting information. 
Starting March 8, KLM was starting weekly flights from my home airport JFK in New York to Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport using sustainable biofuel. Every Thursday Flight KL642 will be operated on a Boeing 777-200.

According to the e-mail:

This series of flights partially powered by biofuel recovered from used cooking oil is another step in demonstrating greater proof of KLM’s pioneering role in sustainable flight.

It’s definitely nice to hear about how KLM is trying to lessen it’s impact on the environment.  Hopefully more airlines will follow their lead and try to adopt some of these green measures too.

Learn more about KLM’s green initiatives by clicking HERE.