Delta Sends An Early Birthday Present…

deltaWhile I’m not  really into big birthday celebrations, it’s always nice to receive a little gift.

Delta Air Lines recently sent me an early birthday present. My birthday isn’t until the end of next month, so this was definitely a bit of a surprise…

The airline sent me three gift choices of which I get to choose one of the options.

The Gift Options:

  1. 500 Miles
  2. 2 Drink Vouchers
  3. Up to $500 in savings on a Delta Vacations flight + hotel experience

Some Rules:

  • Gift selection is available until 1/4/2023
  • Must be 21+ to choose the drink vouchers option
  • Choices will be available for eligible SkyMiles participants 45 days before their birthday
  • Offer is non transferable

So which offer will I choose?

Considering I don’t have any upcoming Delta flights booked and I don’t see us booking a DL Vacation experience, I think I’ll take 500 miles.

While this won’t really do much to help my account balance, I do think it’s really nice of Delta to acknowledge SkyMiles members with this gesture!

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