40% Off (Up To $15) Next 2 Orders With Uber Eats- Targeted

Uber EatsUber Eats sends out promo offers from time to time where you can save some cash on your order. These offers seem to have been popping up more frequently over the past few months.

In the most recent offer called Gameday Deals, you can save 40% on your next two orders.

Before we continue, I want to mention that this is a targeted offer. You need to receive the offer directly from Uber Eats to qualify.

To save up to $15, you need to enter code: NFL217BD.

Some Rules:

  • Offer expires on October 18, 2021 at 11:59 pm EDT
  • Offer is valid for up to $15 off your next two orders
  • Taxes, delivery fees & service fees still apply
  • You need to enter the promo code in the app before completing your order
  • Available only in the US

I’ve used these offers many times and they will save you some money but don’t expect to save the full amount stated by Uber.

After a variety of fees which are usually added to the order, a 40% savings, up to $15 might save you closer to 1/3 of the amount stated. (I made an order which I did not place just to confirm.)

Regardless, if you plan to order in, saving $5 is still better than saving nothing!

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