Get FREE Beer From Bud Light With Summer Stimmy Rewards

Bud LightMany of us enjoy an ice cold beer and what’s better than a cold beer? Free Beer!

Bud Light is giving away free beer and a bottle opener when you sign up for their Summer Stimmy program.

Here is how you can get some free beer.

The first thing you’ll need to do is sign up to become a legend to “Get A Beer On Us“. You might also be able to get rewards, discounts and merch. (If you already have an account with, those log in credentials should get you into the site.)

Once you sign up, you’ll receive 100 points which are redeemable for a bottle opener and a free beer in the form of a $3 debit card.

Next, scroll down to Legends Rewards. Then, Claim Your My Legends Card for one point. This will be mailed to you and it also doubles as a bottle opener!

You should also be able to Claim A Beer On Us for 25 points. I just signed up for the program and the beer option isn’t highlighted yet. (I don’t know if it takes a day or so for this to work, but I’ll keep checking back.)

Some Rules:

  • Open to US residents (except CA & TX)
  • Must be 21 years of age and older

If you sign up for the program, let me know if you were able to claim a free beer.

Find out more and sign up for the Bud Light Summer Stimmy here.

2 thoughts on “Get FREE Beer From Bud Light With Summer Stimmy Rewards

  1. I never received a card for the free beer,but did receive the bottle opener/membership card.

  2. I was able to redeem my points for a free beer. I got an email saying that it worked. No beer yet.

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