Visiting NYC’s The Hole To See Misaki Kawai’s Moko Moko Doki Doki

The HoleEarlier in the month I heard about a free art exhibition at The Hole in New York City with a really fun name.

The exhibition from Misaki Kawai, called Moko Moko Doki Doki didn’t only have a fun name, the art itself looked really bizarre, unique and interesting! I also felt that it would appeal to not only Kim and I, but also to our kids, 9 year-old Lucas and 4 year-old Theo.

I had planned to visit the exhibition before going for dinner at a place close by but I totally forgot about it. However, as luck would have it, we happened to walk past The Hole on the way to Momofuku Ko. I guess luck was on our side…The HoleAfter dinner we made a quick stop at the art exhibition.

While there were some actual paintings, we were most interested in the fuzzy, bizarre emoji-like art sculptures.The HoleThe first one, located by the entrance was pretty massive. While checking out the sculpture, we noticed that each side had a different face. The HolePrior to interacting with the art, we were informed that they could be touched. (Just the sculptures, not the paintings!)

The wall shown above lets you know that “You can pet the sculptures!”

We spent around a half hour checking out these fun and different pieces of art.

Check out more of them below:The Hole a group of people holding a large pink object a baby in a stroller next to a large blue objectTheo slept through dinner and during our visit to The Hole but I made sure to get a photo of him with a sculpture made in his favorite color, blue! He did appreciate it and get a good laugh when he woke up!a red round object with yellow dots and a blue painting on the walla man in a black mask and black eye patch standing next to a white round objectThis white one was my favorite fluffy sculpture. I guess it was a pirate fluffy due to the eye patch!

If you happen to be in NYC and are looking for something fun to check out, I’d recommend stopping by The Hole before Misaki Kawai’s Moko Moko Doki Doki exhibition ends on February 14, 2021.

The Hole is located at 312 Bowery in NYC. Find out more about the exhibition here.

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