Sick Deal: Apple AirPods Pro- $169 from Amazon!

Apple AirPods ProAct Fast! currently has the Apple AirPods Pro for just $169!

I bought my Airpods Pro a while back for $220 and they’re an incredible pair of headphones.

I use them at home and at the gym and when I go for a run. I will say, they did take some getting used to. For instance, while using them while on the phone, I didn’t like the sound while wearing both AirPods. There was a simple fix for this which make calls now as clear as can be- just use one AirPod!

I saw this deal thanks to an alert from SlickDeals for this price at Walmart. I placed a pair in the cart for Kim and when I went to checkout, they were no longer available!

Luckily, Amazon currently has them for the exact same price!

This worked out even better for me. I was able to use 1 American Express point to save an additional 20% (up to $20 savings.) Thanks Frequent Miler for posting about that promo yesterday!

With the sale price and American Express discount, I was able to pick up a pair of Apple AirPods Pro for Kim for $149.00, $162.21 with tax.

If you’re interested in purchasing a pair of these awesome AirPods, I wouldn’t wait long. Head over to Amazon to purchase them here.

(FYI- The link in this post IS NOT an affiliate link. I DO NOT earn any commission if you make a purchase.)

2 thoughts on “Sick Deal: Apple AirPods Pro- $169 from Amazon!

  1. The reviews to the page you linked to indicates they are fake, reproductions not made by Apple… That should at least be noted.

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