Beijing, China- $291.39 Roundtrip, A Deal Too Good To Pass Up!

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For quite some time, I’ve been on the look out for an airfare deal for February break (aka Midwinter Recess in NYC.)

This year, Kim can’t take off of work during this time so the plan was for Lucas and I to go on a Father- Son Trip for the first time in a while.

When I mentioned the idea to Lucas, he was really excited. I asked him for ideas of where we should go. His first thought was Paris! I’d say he made a great choice but we were just there last winter break (December 2018).

I kept an eye on Paris prices just in case nothing else materialized until I came across a deal to Beijing, China.

Kim and I visited China when we traveled to Hong Kong and Macau years back. We also returned during a layover a few years ago with Lucas when we took a trip to the Great Wall on the way home from Myanmar.

On January 3, I received a free deal alert from Scott’s Cheap Flights. The offer was Beijing/ Shanghai- $300s/$400s (RT, no bag fees) Jan- Mar.

The idea of checking out some sites on mainland China was quite appealing to me. I also thought that Lucas would be excited with this option.

The Scott’s Cheap Flights e-mail had listed flights from JFK-PEK (Beijing) for $379. This sounded like a great deal so I did a search soon after asking Lucas if he wanted to go.

I headed over to two of my favorite sites for searching airfares, Skyscanner and Momondo to see what I could find.

Skyscanner priced the flights at $292 per person! I was beyond shocked at just how cheap the flight was. I immediately tried to book it but the deal would not go through… I then headed over to Momondo and saw the same price.

I clicked through to Expedia, put in our details and then went to pay. As I was entering my credit card details the screen flashed and said the price had went up. Bummer- I wasn’t going to now pay $700 (or whatever it had said) to go to Beijing.

I decided to give the search another try. I started over, clicked through to Expedia and decided not to log into my current Expedia account. This seemed to do the trick!

I put in my payment details and at the end, I entered my e-mail and password. After a moment, I got a message saying confirmed! I still wondered if the flight would actually be ticketed. Within a few minutes, I had an e-mail confirmation and text from Expedia.

FYI: At the time of writing, I was still seeing this deal for $292 per person.

Final Thoughts:

We are going to Beijing during off-peak season when it will be cold. However, for $582.79 total (which comes to $291.39 per person) I found this offer to be too good to pass up.

I prefer to travel off-peak to avoid crowds. We’ll dress warm and I can’t imagine us not having an awesome time. During the trip, I plan to check out all of the important sites in Beijing- the Forbidden City, Tianamen Square & more as well as do a trip to a different segment of the Great Wall.

I like checking for deals randomly to various destinations and I was glad that Scott’s Cheap Flights alerted me regarding a deal to Beijing. I was even happier to find the deal to be cheaper than advertised!

Get Alerts About Flight Deals:

I’d suggest signing up for a Free Trial of Scott’s Cheap Flights. The average savings is $550 per ticket! (If 3 readers sign up using my link I’ll get a free year of premium.)

2 thoughts on “Beijing, China- $291.39 Roundtrip, A Deal Too Good To Pass Up!

  1. Andres- Thanks! It’s been a lot of fun on the few trips my son Lucas and I have done together.

    As for upgrading- I want this trip to be as cheap as possible and don’t have any status with China Southern so I don’t see an upgrade in the plans.

  2. Nice find! Do you plan to upgrade with points or other tricks? If so, curious how you are thinking about that? Enjoy the father-son trip! I can’t wait to do the same when my kids are older.

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