An Awesome Birthday Surprise From Alamo Drafthouse

Alamo DrafthouseAlamo Drafthouse is a movie chain known for offering food and drinks (of the adult variety, too) brought to guests by waiters.

I’ve also read how the chain “is famous for its strict policy of requiring its audiences to maintain proper cinemagoing etiquette”, according to Wikipedia.

Alamo Drafthouse has 40 locations with more currently in the works. A Brooklyn location opened a few years back but I’ve still yet to visit.
I’ve been meaning to catch a film there since they opened but just never got around to it. (These days our movie watching tends to lean towards the animated kids variety which means nap time for me!) I even signed for their loyalty program called Alamo Victory.

We recently saw a couple of movies at a similar theater in Brooklyn called Nitehawk Cinemas which currently has two locations.

Since going to Nitehawk, I’ve said how we should give Alamo Drafthouse a try one of these days.

Alamo Drafthouse sent me a Happy Birthday e-mail yesterday which is enticing me to head over to one of their theaters.

Along with a Happy Birthday message, they also included a very nice gift, a free movie ticket!

The offer says, “As a Citizen Victory Rewards member, please enjoy a FREE Movie Ticket for your birthday. We hope you have a Happy Birthday and thank you for being a Victory member.”

We’re currently away on a road trip for winter break. The offer is good for 30 days so I’m hoping to get to use it when we return home.

What’s this offer worth?

I checked the cost of a film at the Alamo Drafthouse Brooklyn location. A movie costs $17.50 per ticket!

If you ask me, this is a very generous gift from Alamo!

Final Thoughts:

If you have an Alamo Drafthouse location close to home, I’d recommend signing up for their loyalty program.

Find out more and sign up for the Alamo Victory program here.

2 thoughts on “An Awesome Birthday Surprise From Alamo Drafthouse

  1. Alamo is awesome! In addition to the latest blockbusters, each location offers monthly specialty screenings of classic films, foreign movies, cult favorites, and arthouse gems. It’s a cinema chain for film fans!

    Good food and beverage selection and excellent customer service.

    Happy Birthday!

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