30,000 Missing Wyndham Rewards Points Returned To My Account

Wyndham RewardsFor around one month, I had 30,000 Wyndham Rewards points missing from my account.

You’re probably wondering what I could possibly be talking about, so I’ll start at the beginning.

A portion of my points were going to be expiring within a month or two, so I looked for ways to redeem them without creating other trips. The problem was that there was either no availability at destinations we’d be visiting in the future or the properties were really cheap.

Due to this, I decided to transfer 30,000 Wyndham Rewards points to La Quinta and book a property for a weekend trip in June. Just a couple of days later, the Wyndham and La Quinta programs merged together, forming one loyalty program.

The following day, I saw availability opened up at a property in Baltimore that we originally wanted to visit. I decided to cancel my original booking and then book the stay in Baltimore.

I expected the points to immediately post to my Wyndham Rewards account but they didn’t. I assumed that this was due to the two programs merging together just a day before.

A couple of days later, I called Wyndham and after close to an hour on the phone, I was told that my 30,000 points would be returned to my account within two weeks.

I checked my account a couple of times and saw that the points never did return.

I figured that I’d wait until after Spring Break to follow up. So now, a month plus after canceling my original booking (I had a cancelation e-mail to prove it), the points were still not back in my account.

I sent Wyndham’s Twitter account a message and they suggested that I call or fill out a form online.

I gave Wyndham another call and the rep told me that they didn’t see the stay which was canceled! When I asked if they wanted me to forward the cancellation e-mail, they didn’t answer my question!

After 45 minutes, I was told to fill out an online form for more help!

I filled out the form and then followed up through Twitter with all of the details regarding what was going on.

I was beginning to think that I’d never see those points get returned!

The day after I reached out again through Twitter, Wyndham called.

A very friendly rep went over the situation and asked which stay I wanted to cancel. She mentioned that due to the merging of the program, that many members had to verbally cancel a stay to avoid confusion.

Within a few minutes, the stay was again canceled and the points were returned to my account.

I wonder if I would’ve ever seen my points again had I not followed up?

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